love is greed


Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender in MacBeth


"Do I fancy her? No, she’s my mate Kaz! I just take the mick out of her every day”. - Matt Smith.

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#’nooo she’s just my mate kaz!!!!’#’but she’s soooo pretty!!!’#’and her beauty isn’t even part of her personality!!’#’and she’s so clever and funny and smart and ridiculous wow’#’i’d run through a brick wall for her’#’i would literally do anything for her’#’we see each other all the time’#’i went with her to her first big hollywood premiere’#’i also touch her neck a lot and whisper things in her ear in front of cameras’#’but nOOOOOOOOOOO SHE’S JUST MY MATE KAZ WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU’


I was afraid mother —by the icy Lancaster blood running in his veins, by stories I heard about his line, by cold fingers and dark eyes tormenting me.
  But his palms are warm on my back and his voice, gentle in my ears. He is not distant. Just cautious. Mother, he is a good husband.


"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives."


"Away from It All": Jana by Graham Shearer for Vogue Australia October 1988


Stop Thomas. Please, for the sake of my ovaries, just stop already. 




A Song of Ice and Fire women & Pre-Raphaelite Art (+ associated artists): 

Joan of Arc (1865), John Everett Millais
- Night (1880-85), Edward Robert Hughes
Ophelia (1894), John William Waterhouse
Vanity (1907), Frank Cadogan Cowper
Mary Magdalene (1858-60), Frederick Sandys
The Soul of the Rose (1908), John William Waterhouse
Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses (1891), John William Waterhouse
- Priestess of Delphi (1891), John Collier
The Beloved (1865), Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Valykrie’s Vigil (1906), Edward Robert Hughes