where is jessica hyde?

"This is what it is to be Queen Militant. You have to fight for what you own. Remember these odds, this pain, for if we win you will never have to march again." "Don’t you ever tire of living like this?" "Never. This is what I live for." "Even if it means you’re hated?" "I’ve never been liked. I’m damned twice in most men’s eyes. I’m the woman who dared to rule when her husband could not, and who fought to ensure her only son’s position. Now how could I do such a thing? Hmph. Men.” (Margaret of Anjou)

On if there is a certain hierarchy between celebrities: ”I think so. But everyone understands that, you’re in a certain position. Which doesn’t mean I can’t make suggestions when I’m doing a scene. It can be nerve-wracking when you’re working with a big director, but you have to. That’s why they hire you. In a few scenes you have to bring a character to life. So if you think that your suggestion is a good idea, you need to say something. If it doesn’t work, or the director doesn’t like it, it’s your motherfucking job to make it work”  — Michiel Huisman for L’Officiel Hommes NL, fall/winter 2014 (x)

Léa Seydoux - Net-A-Porter Magazine - October 2014
Photographed by Drui Crilly


"White Mischief" by David Bellemere for Porter # 5, Winter 2014.


Guillaume Seignac,The Awakening of Psyche (detail) 1904.